Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

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Amber Lyn
About Me

I am a mother and wife.  We are a house of animal lovers, especially rats :)

Amy Fuller
About Me

I live in Old Bridge, NJ. I have owned pet rats for 15 years. I always have atleast two rats. I hope to adopt a rat from this site.

About Me

Ann Marie Mozier
69 years old

Ashley Neumeister
33 years old
About Me

I've had 3 rats in the past 5 years; all loved!

I connect with all of my rats,but especially my first, which is why I had rat tracks tattooed on my back. For every rat I have, another full set goes on. 

I really love the intelligence of these animals. If only more people knew how loving these creatures could be!

About Me

About Me

I'm happily married and live on a farm with many wonderful, loving pets.    

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About Me



57 years old

Dan W.

Diamonds Little Critters Ranch
About Me

I breed Rats, Gerbils, Dwarf Hamsters, G-Pigs and mice. They are my passion. I strive for healthy well temperaed pets. I DONT breed for food. they are pets and family members 1st and formost before breed and are not thought of as pets in my house they are family members. I work with or try to work with all colors and coats, and try for the show colors as well as in mismarked show colors or points. the way I look at it is health, temper and all come before color, if I get one that is show or close to then good for me. I belive that all colors, coats are winners in my book and its not the outside that makes you its whats on the inside.

I love animals of all typs, art, music, fishing, the outdoors and much more. I spend my time with family and freinds which means the critters as well. I plan all breedings and work with all to socilize along with my other half to helps me out. I would love to one day become a vet and specilize in rodents and other exsotic pets.

Elliott Pew
28 years old
About Me

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