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Application to Copy & Paste to Email- [email protected]

Adoption  Application

~Application must be completed to be added to waiting list or to reserve.~

Our waiting list is created in order of receiving completed applications and requests.  The exceptions to this are: (1) We, Ember of Passion Rattery, at all time have pick of the litter if interested; (2) Professional breeders and ratteries; (3) Returning customers.

Litters under the http://emberofpassionrattery.webs.com/currentlitters.htm tab are the ONLY litters that are available. 

All babies from past litters have been adopted regardless of what the page says. 

Adoption/Selection Process

Ember of Passion Rattery has one large rolling waiting list. Once your application has been approved, you will be added to the waiting list. When babies become available we just keep going down the list to the next person. If you pass when you are emailed to reserve you will not be contacted again. You need to contact me! Please email me if you have already filled an application out (applications older than 1 year need to be re-filled out). 

 Those on the list will be notified in order via email, as soon as new litters of rats become available.  (I will send out emails when the babies are 2-3 weeks old and we have selected our keepers.) I will continue down our waiting list until all babies are homed. In the event there are more babies than people on the waiting list they will be placed up for general adoption. An application still must be filled out, but there is no wait time for them.  

If you have adopted from us before or decided not to, you can be placed back on the list at any time for any additional rats, but will not retain previous level of priority for these new requests. 

 NOTE: We reserve the right to change the level of priority as seen fit at any point in time. 

We reserve the right to deny anyone the ability to adopt from us for any or no reason. 

ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT US AT [email protected] !! Thanks!





If you have not read our Q and A page. please read it BEFORE filling out our application!
*Do you rent, own, or live with parents?
Live with Parents

* Are you interested in rats as pets only, or pets with the potential to breed them? *If you are interested in breeding any rats, you need to contact us directly in addition to filling out this application at [email protected] so we may approve you
I want to adopt a rat for a pet only.
I want to adopt a rat with plans of a possibility to breed.
I want to adopt a rat for show.
If wanting to breed, Have you filled out the Breeders Application?
*Will this be your first experience owning rats?
I currently own rats or have owned rats in the past.
I have never had rats before.
I have friends or family who have owned rats before.
I have bred rats before.

*Which rats are you interested in, males or females?
Male(s). Female(s).
No Preference

*What age range would you prefer?
Baby (5-12 weeks old)
Young (12 weeks-6 months old)
Young Adult (6 months - 1 year old)
Adult (1 year - 1.5 years old)
Senior (1.5 years +)
Which ear type do you prefer?
No Preference
What body type are you interested in?
No Preference
What type of coat(s) are you interested in?
Double Rex
No Preference
What type of markings do you prefer? If you would like to see examples of the markings take a look at our Standards Page
Small Amount of Color on body (Possum, masked etc)
No Preference

*Did you read the reservations and pick ups page?

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