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Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

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About Me

I am a full time student, married and mother of two beautiful children. This is my first experience with pet rats and I am very excited!!  :D

About Me

Rat Breeder and Rescuer in Central PA

About Me

I have 2female rats who are my life, i love them with all my heart, i am looking to add just one more,a berkshire or blackhooded. I currently have a tan hooded and a cinnamon colored, names Lucy(1yr) and Daisy(8months)

35 years old


26 years old


Sarina Haik
About Me

First time rat owner looking to purchase some babies quite soon. :)


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62 years old

Sweet Whispers Rattery
About Me

My name is Ashten. I'm from Northeastern Pennsylvania. I have a small rattery. I'm married and have a 4yr. old daughter.

31 years old


The rat lady35
42 years old
About Me

I absolutely love rats and would love to add more to my colection!!!:D

Tiana Nichols
26 years old

35 years old
About Me

I and my kids are new to the wonderful world of rats as pets.  We are loving it!