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Previous adopters and other breeders that we have worked with.

Quotes I purchased 2 female rats a few weeks ago from you guys and have to say they are the most loveable little girls ever . You guys do great work with them.. I am very pleased with my babies... and hope to email you some pics when they get bigger.. Thank you so much!!!! Quotes

Quotes We got our two terrific rats from Ember of Passion this past summer. They are so friendly and well-socialized! I would recommend EPR to anyone looking for pet rats Quotes

Quotes I adopted Chowder at Rodentfest last Saturday, and since then hes become my shoulder buddy. Whenever I'm sitting at my computer hes right there by my side, or running back and forth across my chair. I highly recommend EPR to anyone looking for a pet rat. Quotes

Quotes We adopted Basil Hayden and Belle as our first rat babies. Basil is now Phoebe and Belle is now Chloe. We are very happy so far with our new pets. Basil Hayden is very spunky and Chloe is a bit more relaxed and lovey. These babies are very spoiled with lots of love and affection! We love them! Quotes
Stacy and Mariah