Ember of Passion Rattery

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Diablo Bosses Litter- 3/1/16

This is our first litter after being on a long hiatus! The parents of this litter are from another breeder so we are still working with their temperaments. Right now they are just crazy bouncy babies!! :)

EPR Maghda- Female Black Bareback- Available

EPR Mira Eamon- Female Black Mismarked Hooded with snip blaze- Staying atEPR

EPR Cydaea- Female Black Mismarked hooded- Reserved Mark

EPR Iskatu- Female Black Mismarked Hooded- Available

EPR Araneae- Female- Black Mismarked hooded- Available

EPR Ghom- Male Black Variegated- Reserved Dana

EPR Diablo- Male Black Capped- Reserved Zoe

EPR Belial- Male Fawn Himilayan- Reserved Dana  (points will be very light, possibly not visible.)

EPR Leoric- Male Black Mismarked Bareback- Reserved Zoe