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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Dwarf Rats!!

Here at EPR we have been working with and breeding dwarfs for 3+ years now.

All I have to say is WOW, I love these little balls of furry love!! 

 The Dwarf rats are usually about 1/3 the size of their standard cousins, and sometimes smaller (about the size of a hamster, just not as round :))

They are built just like their bigger counterparts - just miniature sized. A well bred dwarf rat should be perfectly proportioned, the same as other standard size rats.


They are just as healthy as standard rats - in fact, some believe that dwarf rats are even less likely to have health issues! They are not prone to tumors like the standards are since they lack the growth hormone that aides in tumor growth.


They are just as friendly - if they are bred from stable lines of rats. The lines we have are beyond friendly! :) Males and females alike just loved to be loved!! Some like to be extra adventurous and run all around like they got past their toddler stage :).

Many people ask how they are compared to their standard size cousins'. This is the best description I can give-- Dwarf males tend to be like standard sized females, and Dwarf females are a little more energetic than that. 

 They do tend to have more energy. Dwarfs like a larger cage size than their size would imply. They LOVEEE their hammocks and toys and anything to climb on! Our dwarfs have many more toys than our standards do. In addition to their wheels.

They tend to be just about fearless - so care must be taken to ensure they don't jump off a table, or where ever they may be - as they will get hurt

I want one!:

They are not the best choice for first time pet owners - as they can be harder to hold as they are much smaller. If you have had small pets before and like playing with them, dwarfs are amazing!

They are not recommended for small children. While this is not a blanket statement, as some kids are absolutely wonderful with little pets; many are not. 

It is recommended that Dwarf rats not be introduced to standard rats that have not grown up with Dwarfs - however, there are exceptions. Our standards (mainly the females) accepted the dwarfs with absolutely no problems

- but remember, this is the EXCEPTION, NOT THE RULE!

5 week old little girl! 

 Below are some pictures of our dwarfs :)

Two adult females - NEOR Milan and EPR Eclipse 

Very pregnant BHR Vital Signs are Good

8 week old baby next to a full grown dwarf girl :) 

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