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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Rattery and my Personal Ethics

When you breed an animal, many people question your ethics on

your breeding, and where you stand as a human being. I have

decided that it is best to write it all out in black and white. I am not

the type of person to hide anything; whether about my care, the

health of my lines, or anything else having to do with me or my rats.

If you have a question for me, please feel free to ask, I will answer

to the best of my ability and as honestly as possible. 

- I do not gossip. I feel that this is a very childish and immature thing to do. I try very hard not to impose my views on other ratteries. If you ask for my opinion, I will tell you want I know to be truth and only things that I know about the person personally. I will not tell 3rd party views or hearsay. 

- My animals are first and foremost my pets. All animals in my care will be treated as such, whether they are babies, adults, retired, rescues or other animal species living with me. I do not have children, so my animals come first.  

Breeding for the Better Rat! 

 - There are enough animals in the world looking for homes. I do not breed to keep adding to this. All of our litters are planned out well in advance. Sometimes future litters are planned even before the current litter is paired. This is all to keep the healthiest lines with the best rats going. We strive to better the animal each generation. This is also why EPR keeps pick of the litter. This helps up to keep improving. We also can end a line at any point in time if unfavorable issues may arise.

Dry Food Mix and Fresh Foods

- All of my rats and other animals are given the best food, treats, supplements and toys that I can afford. I make sure they are not only nutritionally complete but also engaging and stimulating. 

Caging and Enrichment

- I may not be rich, I may not have the nicest things in the world, I may not have the biggest house; but I will always give the best to my pets. All of my extra money, time and effort goes into making the rats (and my other animals) lives better. Just because we keep an animal indoors in cages, does not mean we should deprive them of certain necessities.  

 What happens to the rat after it leaves EPR?

- After we adopt out any animals, that is not the end of the road. We like to keep in touch with our adopters, whether by emailing pictures or updates on the rats. But most importantly, we like to keep track of the rats health and ailments. We ask that all adopters let us know when the rats passes on and for what reason if known.   

 -My fiance or I are almost always on the computer, so reaching us is never a problem. We like to make sure all adopters know that they are welcome to email us for ANY questions they have, no matter how small or trivial they may perceive them. 

 2014 Goals

I will try to keep a list every year of my personal goals for each and every line to help keep us on track but to also make sure we are only breeding what is necessary. 

 Dwarf: We have a few different lines here that are dwarf. We try to keep most of them separate as different things need to be worked on in each line. 

Russian Blue and Black. Other Russian Dilutes possible. Mostly dumbo ears. Standard and hairless coats. Most markings will be berkshire based. MM Self, Berkshire, MM Hooded, Variegated mainly.  

 - To work on - Increasing dwarf hairless lines. Ears need to be rounded out more, starting to get pointy. Eyes are very bulgy still in this line. 

Agouti and Fawn. Beige and black are possible in this line as well. This line is a mix of dumbo and standard ears. Coats are standard and velveteen. Most markings are Blazed Variegated. Blazed Berkshire, Berkshire, and Variegated are also possible. 

 - To work on - Obesity is still a huge health concern in this line. Believe to have come from CAMA lines. Working to dilute those genes. It is not a lethal concern and can easily be managed. Size of eyes needs to be worked on as well. 

Marked (Patched/Dalmation).

Standard Size: We have a few different standard sized lines here. They are broken down further to help keep track of the lines.

 Platnium and Cinnamon. 

Our Rattery Goals

 Here at EPR, will will be continuing to work on our dwarf and manx lines. 

 We will also be continuing on our marked line in russian blue, black, mink and mink merle. 

Dwarf Line- Our overall goals for our dwarf line is to continue with our longevity. We are also working on making the eyes a bit more proportionate to the body, instead of bulgy. A majority of all the rats in this line live to be well over 3 years old. With this line, we are working with Black, Russian Blue, Agouti, and Russian Blue Agouti. We also will occasionally have Siamese and Burmese dwarfs available due to recessives. This line is mostly dumbo ears, however we do occasionally have some standard ears. This line is mostly standard coats with a few hairless popping up every now and again. We are working towards hairless dumbo dwarfs. :)

Manx Line- Our overall goal with this line is to keep producing very high quality Manx rats with little to no health problems. So far we have had little genetic problems with this line. They are all wonderful temperament and reach a great size with awesome conformation. This line is all Agouti based colors; Agouti, cinnamon, Russian Blue Agouti, Fawn, etc. Currently this line is all dumbo ears with nice set and shape. We have a very wide variety of coats in this line; we have Standard, Rex, Double Rex and Hairless. We are currently working dwarfs adding more hairless into the Manx line.

Mink/ Dove Merle Line-

Marked Line-

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