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Good, Bad and Cautionary Foods to feed your rats!



Good Food TO Feed Your Rats

This is a list of foods that the rats at Ember of Passion Rattery get from time to time. There are many other good foods that rats can have. If you have any specific questions please ask!
Meats/Protein Raspberries Dry Dog Foods
Boiled Chicken Blackberries Natural Balance- Vegetarian
Boiled Turkey Peaches Wellness- Healthy Weight
Ham- occasionally Apples
Boiled Beef Banana Kirkland- Healthy Weight
Cashews Pear
Sunflower Seeds Honeydew Melon Pro-pac - Low Fat
Meat baby food Cantaloupe
Eggs- scrambled or hard boiled Watermelon Commercial Treats
Liver Ginger Old Mother Hubbard - Just Vegg'n or P-nuttier
Vegetables Dates Fruit-ables
Peas Strawberries Nu-Hemp - Ball-z
Pumpkin Prunes Buddy Biscuits
Cauliflower Plums Natural Choice Crunchy Treats
Mushrooms- cooked Charlie Bear- Cheese & egg
Corn- cooked or fresh Other good human foods
Beans-cooked Rice-Cooked
Sprouts Oatmeal
Broccoli-cooked Spaghetti Spices that can be added to fresh foods
Squash-cooked Mac and Cheese- occasionally Parsley
Kale Pasta- raw or cooked Garlic- sm amt.
Collards Bread in oil- good for coat Oregano
Bok Choy Whole grain crackers Clove
Potatoes-cooked Dry Plain Cereals
Carrots Baby foods
Cucumber Yogurt
Celery Yogurt covered pretzels/fruits
Eggplant Cottage Cheese
Vegetable baby food Whole oats/millet
Cranberries- occasionally


Food To AVOID Feeding Your Rats
Bleu Cheese Avocados- Skin and seed Oranges (for males)
Licorice Green Bananas Carbonated Beverages
Raw Potatos Wild Insects
Raw Beans Green Potatoe Eyes
Raw Nuts  Rhubarb
Dried Corn Raw Bulk Tofu- the package kind is ok
Raw Red Cabbage
Raw Artichokes
Use Caution When Feeding to Your Rats
Peanut Butter- Choking Hazard
Seeds and Nuts- High In fat
Farm Raised Insects
Chocolate- in moderation (1 chip a day)- Studies have show that it can help breathing issues
Oranges- Females are ok to have. Oils from the skin can be toxic to males
Beets, Celery, Eggplant, Cucumber, Radishes, Spinach, Collards, and Turnip greens all have high levels of nitrates. LIMIT the amounts of these items given. 


Recommended Commercial foods
(these are ONLY recommendations based on personal use, I do not endorse specific products. These are my personal likes and dislikes)
Kay-tee Forti-diet Pro Health Mouse/Rat food
Oxbow Essentials Rat Food
Mazuri Rat and Mouse Diet
LM Farm Rat and Mouse Diet
Tropical Carnival Rat Food - good to mix in with a staple diet
Carefresh Complete


Commercial Foods that do not meet MY requirements

Great Choice Mouse and Rat food
I do not like feeding this food to my rats due to the high amounts of corn in the product. Also there are a lot of seeds, which are high in fat. Also alfalfa is  a top ingredient, which is indigestible for rats. 
Kaytee Fiesta
This food also has a very high amount of nuts and seeds in it. Not something that should be a staple diet
Kaytee Supreme
This is a seed and corn based diet. Not what a staple rat diet should be.


Buying food in Bulk

These are certain food formulas that I recommend if you are buying in larger quantities.
Mazuri Rodent 6F
This is a good pellet for all life stages of rats.  Can be purchased in 25# and 50# bags.
Native Earth 18% 4018
This is a consumer product (which is the same as Harlan Tekland). This is a very good diet for all life stages. Can be purchased in 40# bags
Lab Diet 5001
A good diet for all life stages. This is a specialty diet you can sometimes find in high end pet stores. It can be purchased in 50# bags or broken down by the store. 

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