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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.


 contact us at [email protected] 

We currently make homemade hammocks that the ratties, and other animals, love that are inexpensive so when they chew them or go to the bathroom on them it is ok! All have reinforced corners, so they can hold even the heaviest rats. They are made of soft sturdy material, such as fleece and cotton blends. All are machine washable and hang dry. 

Flats - $5

Large Flats- $8

Snuggle Pocket- $6

Pita Pockets- $8

Wall Hanger- $8

Small Tubes- $5

Large Tubes- $8

Double Deckers- $ 12

Triangles- $12

Triple Deckers- $ 15

Cube - 1 opening- $18

Have a lot of rats? Like to decorate?

Try one of our multi-packs!!

Small pack - 3 small flats, 3 small tubes Only $25

Large Pack - 3 large flats, 3 large tubes. Only $40

Cage Decorator Set 1- 1 flat, 1 tube, 1 wall hanger, and 1 triangle.

Only $25, Save $5 

Cage Decorator Set 2- 1 flat, 1 tube, 1 snuggle pocket, 1 double decker, and 1 triangle.

Only $35, Save $5

Cage Decorator Set 3- 1 flat, 1 tube, 1 triangle, 1 wall hanger, 1 triple decker and 1 cube.

Only $55, Save $5

Flat Crazy Set- 10 small flats, 5 large flats. Only $80!! Best deal for breeders or people who like to stock up!

 Stock Up Set- 3 flats, 3 triangles, 3 wall hangers, 3 Double Deckers and 3 Snuggle Pockets.

Only $119, Save $10

Shipping: Please contact for shipping

Its is roughly $1.50 per hammock. Bulk orders vary 

The order will only ship once the full amount is paid. 

**I can only make it to the post office 1-2x a month, I have to call out of work early to make it to the post office before it closes. If I have multiple orders in I will wait until all are finished before going. Turn around time is normally about 2 weeks. Please be patient. ** 

Bulk Discounts on shipping!!! 

Photos of past orders- all fabrics vary!

Set of 5 flat hammocks

The Pita Pocket 


 Triangles!! The newest most loved hammock we make!

Double Decker

Triple Decker- We make the levels offset now instead of all corners connecting. Much more space!




These are some of the larger hammock order sets we have sent our wonderful customers! 

Some stocking up on a bit of everything :) Flats, Tubes, doubles, triples, and a triangle!!  

Hammock and toy set! 

Large Set of Flats

Set of 4 Double Deckers

Featured Products

 Flat Hammocks - Starting at $5.00


 Ember of Passion Rattery Rat Food - $4.00/lb

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