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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Rat Prices and payment information

Please be considerate- If you reserve a rat, try to keep your reservation as other may have wanted that rat and did not get it because you reserved it.

First come, first serve. We have one large waiting list. Breeders will get priority over regular adopters, and we (EPR) get pick of the litter at all times!

We accept cash or money order; given upon receipt of animal. No refunds. Deposits are non-refundable portion of the total price.  

Cash or money ordered mailed to us.


DO NOT send EPR a deposit before asked to do so!

Total price for adoptions start at $25

Dwarfs are an additional $10

- The total price for a rat adoption includes deposit, an adoption kit, 1# of food and the cost of the rat.

- If you adopt 3 or more babies/adults/rescues you will receive a discount!!

- If you adopt an adult at the same time as 2 babies the adults adoption fee will be waived.

- Adults (over 6 months) will be adopted out for a low fee to help cover care costs, normally $10-20

- Any rats we adopt out are NOT TO BE BRED.Breeding stock must be talked about first!

- Other Special Litters and Select Rats may be individually priced, (special markings, show quality, certain breed lines, colors, ext.)

- All adopting parents are required to fill out an application prior to being placed on the waiting list for our litters or adults alike.

If you have any questions about a rat you have gotten from us or anything else, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Rules regarding adopting

- We DO NOT ship. All Animals must be picked up in person. No exceptions! 

- I will take any and all rats back that are adopted for us. I do not ask questions but any information you can give be regarding the situation may be able to home them easier. All rats must be brought back to us at your expense! We can not and will not come and pick them up. Taking them in at no charge with no questions is our gift to you.

- Breeding may ONLY be done with the rats that I have specified and ok-ed it for. This is not because I am 'mean'. This is for the welfare of the rat and any possible offspring.  

- We do not require a signed contract, but by filling out an application through EPR and adopting rats through EPR (for babies, adult, rescues or any other rats adopted through us) You are adhering to these rules!

Rat Delivery

Ember of Passion Rattery DOES NOT SHIP PET ONLY RATS!

We will deliver rats for delivery fee. All deliveries must be discussed

prior, contact us via email at [email protected].  

Ember of Passion Rattery is a Closed Rattery

We are a closed Rattery, this due to viruses and other harmful things that can be brought in and can potentially kill/harm all of our rats. This is done for the safety of our rats. We are more than willing to send you as many pictures and information as you’d like from time of birth till the time you pick up your rattie. You are able to see your animal before bringing them home. If they do not meet your expectations, you will be returned to the waiting list for our next set of babies.

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