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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Take a peek inside our rattery!!

 Current Cages 2012

To start off the new year we decided to upgrade our cages to the nice large Critter Nation cages. We have 1 for males and 1 for females. 

Cages 2008-2010 

These are our main cages. One for the boys and one for the girls. These cages are extra large as to give the ratties inside the most room possible to play and explore in. The cages are cleaned twice a week to keep everyone happy and healthy. Each cage is scrubbed with bleach and rinsed down with hot water.

These are our breeder cages/ retired rat cages. These cages are used for breeding, housing of the older retired rats, quarentine, and for male and female baby cages. 

Our Ratteries Food!!

What our rats eat...

Their staple diet include a mix of rat blocks, cereals, grains, dried fruit, pasta, and a high quality dog food. It changes slightly depending on what cereal and pasta we use. This is always available in their cages.

Every night the rats get a special treat. Every night it changes. It could be a fruit mix, a vegetable mix, yogurt, cooked pasta, cooked rice, cooked meat, or a variety of these.  

The babies and mommas get extra special treats. These can include extra fruits and veggies, baby food, baby cereal, oatmeat or a variety of these.

About Us

    Ember of Passion Rattery started as a home based rattery in 2008. Ember was our first pet rat and what started our passion for having rats as pets. Hence the name "Ember of Passion Rattery". 


     My first rat Ember was a black mismarked berkshire. She was born at the pet store that I worked at. I fell in love with her the day she was born. Since then I have adopted other rats and then the idea of having a rattery just blossomed from there.

     I have a degree in Biology with a specialization in Animal Science and Genetics. I also majored in Agronomy and Environmental science. Animals have always been party of my life. I have hand almost every animal that you can think of either as a pet, or as a rehab animal. I have also worked at Elmwood Park Zoo since I was 13, so animal nutrition and husbandry is second nature to me. 


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