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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Rattie Q and A <:_)~~

Below we will have some of our frequently asked questions. Hopefully these my answer some of the questions you may have about getting or keeping you rats! If you need further clarification or have other questions please email us at [email protected] These answers are made short for quick reference. There is MUCH more information on each question here, please feel free to ask if you would like to hear more. 

 This page will always be a work in progress with us constantly adding more questions with their answers. 

Help! My child wants a... rat?

Congratulations! This means that your child has not been affected negatively from those who do not see what great pets rats can be. Rats can make very good pets. They are very sweet and affectionate, they are very smart and can learn simple tricks, they are potty trainable, they act very much like a small dog, and the best part is they are are small and compact so they can live in almost any house! Rats are very easy to take care of, but they are NOT a child's pet. A pet must be under the supervision of an adult. All they need is a clean cage with some toys, good healthy food and LOTS of love and attention :) If you can not provide this daily then please do not bring one into your home. 

EPR will not adopt out to anyone under the age of 18 or to anyone that plans on getting a rat solely for someone under 18.

The adult of the house must take full responsibility for the new animal.

Their little lives depend on us, they are not a toy.  

How long do I have to wait? Can I pick it up this week?

 Short answer, probably not. All of our adoptions are done based on a waiting list.

The normal wait time is anywhere from 1-3 months. Once the babies are old enough to start having adopters reserve them, I send out emails in small groups (2-3 people) and continue to work down our waiting list.

If you are not willing to wait this short time for very good pets, please do not waste our time or yours, no one will end up happy then. 

What if I only want 1 rat?

Rats are very social animals. They are best kept in pairs or groups.

EPR will not adopt out a single rat UNLESS they are specifically marked as single cage rats only.

We have had a few adult males who would rather be by themselves than with others.

All babies must go to a home with another rat or to a home that already has rats waiting for them.

This is simply for the rats health and well being. :) No Exceptions 

Why are your prices so high? I can buy a rat at a pet store for $5.

A rat that you buy from a good breeder will always be more than a pet store.

This is because good breeders focus more on quality than quantity. It is the same concept as buying from a mom and pop store versus a large chain store.

Breeders spend an extraordinary amount of time and money their rats, making sure they are the happy, healthiest, and most social rats they can be. Breeders spend time everyday with the babies from the minute they are born until the day they go to their new homes.

In addition to the time and money for care aspect (which most breeders have realized is inevitable). There is also the time in maintaining everything that comes along with being a responsible breeder. This includes having a well maintained website, going through applications daily, screening potential adopters, constant research on how to keep improving rats as a species, keeping up on the new genetic information, etc. The list keeps going. It is much more time than anyone realizes :) Here at EPR we probably spend 15 hours a week on the computer just doing website updates, applications, and emails!

Why should I buy from a breeder?

This is a challenge for most people. Nowadays, most people are too impatient to wait for exactly what they want. They get the first thing closest to what they want.

Many people feel that by buying a pet store rat, they are “rescuing” the rats. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. By purchasing that rat, the pet store now has to order more rats in, which keeps the feeder breeders and breeder mills in business.

When you purchase a rat from a breeder, not only are you normally getting a healthier rat, you are also getting a great source of lifetime information. Any good breeder will always be there to help you. Also, you can find out what is behind your new baby, what genetic issues it may be prone to. Breeder prices may also be slightly higher, but in the long run you are getting much, much more for what you pay for. 

Why cant we pick our rat out in person?

 Our rattery is a hobby that we run out of our home. I do not want anyone and everyone know where I live. This is for the safety of me and my family. 

The main reason for it though is for my rats health. The more people we have walking into the house and animal rooms the more chance for an illness to come in. Treating 2-3 rats can be expensive and time consuming. Imagine treating a few dozen, including itty bitty babies and seniors who may not be in the best health anyway.

Do I want a Male or Female rat as a pet?

Many people agonize over this question for a long time before getting rats. My feeling on this whole dilemma is simple. The sex of the animal is not the determining factor, the temperament is.

The GENERAL difference between males and females are as follows...

Males tend to be ever so slightly larger and considered "squishes". This is because they tend to calm down considerably after puberty and just want to cuddle up and be a lump of joy :). Males are perfect for anyone who wants a pet to take around with them, watch tv, cuddle etc. All males love a good comfy hammock any day.

Females tend to be the opposite. They tend to stay active throughout their entire lives. Female rats are great for people who wants to play with them, train them, or for people that just want an animal they can play with more. The downside is that they are always playful and thus needing more toys, hammocks, etc to keep them stimulated.

Babies of both sexes tend to be very active and love bouncing and playing. From the time you bring them home, their personalities will develop more and more.

As we all know this is an over generalization, there will always be exceptions. 

What sex should we adopt for our household?

While this is a very loaded question, a good decision can be made based on a few factors. 

First, Do you have young children in the house that will be playing with the rats?

- We normally recommend males for first time adopters, people with young children, or anyone that just wants a snuggly rat. Males tend to be much calmer and larger as adults than females. 

Second, What do you want to do with your rat?

-If you are looking to be much more active with the rat such as mazes, toys, etc. Females may be the way to go. Females tend to stay much more active throughout their lives. Many people with young children realize that this may not always be best if you are looking for a pet to sit with a child, or something easy for a small child to hold. 

Please keep these tidbits in mind when selecting the rat for you. 

However, ANY rat will become a great pet!!

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