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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Reserving your Rat

ONLY once you have filled out an application with EPR, you may be approved to adopt a rat from us unless otherwise told. There is a wait to reserve a baby, it can range from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months depending on how old litters are and how many others are on the current wait list. 

At approximately 2-3 weeks old, EPR will send out emails to the waiting list (4-5 people at a time) on the waiting list telling them it is their turn to reserve babies. ONLY after you receive this email are you able to reserve a baby, not before. You will have 24 hours from the time I send out the email to let me know if there is babies they would like to reserve. After this I will send out email to another group of people. ANYONE who has recieved an email during this reservation period will still have a chance after their 24 hours, it will just be first come first serve.


Staying at EPR- This means the baby is reserved

for us and is not available

Available- This means that the baby is available to

be reserved. I try to update this daily during

reservation time. 

Reserved for ... - This means someone has

already reserved this baby. 

Hold- This means we have not decided to keep this baby or not. If there is an interest in them, please let us know. It IS NOT guaranteed though.

EPR Waiting List: Our waiting list is created in order of recieving completed

applications and requests. The exceptions to this are:

(1) We, Ember of Passion Rattery, at

all times, have pick of the litter if interested;

(2) Professional breeders and ratteries;

(3) Returning customers.

Litters under the tab are the ONLY litters that are available.

All babies from past litters have been adopted regardless of what the page says.

NOTE: We reserve the right to change the level of priority as seen fit at any point in time.

We reserve the right to deny anyone the ability to adopt from us for any or no reason. 

Rat Breeding numbers to keep in mind:

Gestation is 21-24 days, Babies are able to go home at 5 weeks old. This means from the time of conception to the time the babies can go home is a minimum of 8 weeks! 

Picking up your Rattie

All Rat picks up are done local to our home. We prefer to use the local Walgreens as there is a large parking lot with ample light for day or night pick ups!

We will send out an email when the babies are ready to go home with times that we are available to meet. Please choose 1 of these times so you can bring your new baby home! 


2803 W MAIN ST (also known as ridge pike)

Audubon PA 19403

Ph. 484-636-5003

Store number: 7014

(Southwest corner of Park & Main/Ridge) 

**NOT MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN** If you end up in Norristown or Limerick we will not meet you.  

Traveling Via Public Transportation

If you are traveling to us by public transportation from Philly, NYC, Trenton or by other rails, we can meet you at the Norristown Transportation Center (Manayunk/Norristown Line). This is the main hub for SEPTA and bus routes. Please let us know so we can plan a time to meet you there that correspondes with your bus or train!!

EPR is just a short ride from center city Philadelphia via PA Septa Lines!!  

Putting a Deposit Down on your Rattie 

All desposits must be mailed to us- either cash or money order!

Deposits are % 50 of the total price. Prices can be found on our Important Information page.

The balance is due in cash when you pick up your ratties.

If you are getting any other supplies at the time of pick up (hammocks, toys, treats, food, carriers, etc. You pay for those at time of pick up as well)  

Featured Products

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