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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

This is one example of how our reservation emails look! :)

Things change with each litter. But here is an example of how we do reservations! 

Its time to reserve your rattie!!

Please read the ENTIRE email before replying back with your choices!

Ok, first thing first. Take a look over our website and make sure you do not have any further questions for us. 

Which rats are available to be picked from?- Each litter has its own page on our website. Each baby has their own picture with their name, description, and availability under it. It will look something like this...


EPR Little Hermit- Black Dalmatian Dumbo Male- Staying at EPR

Each rat can have 4 different terms at the end of their description. This information is right on our website. 


Staying at EPR- This means the baby is reserved for us and is not available

Available- This means that the baby is available to be reserved. I try to update this daily during reservation time. 

 Reserved for ... - This means someone has already reserved this baby. 

Hold - This means we have not decided if we are keeping this baby or not.  

You can bring home babies from different litters. They do not need to be litter mates. You can even bring home an adult and babies too!. If you decide you would like to give one of our retired ratties a home, their adoption fee will be waived. 

I have decided which babies I like, now what? - Great! Please let us know which baby you would like. Please include the name and description of the rat, there are quite a few that look very similar so descriptions alone can not be used to determine which rat you are looking at. We have a few litters that you may not be able to see the colors just yet or markings perfectly, but I will have their descriptions in place. If you have a question on what they will look like when they are adults let me know. However, looks are not everything. All of our babies have been handled from the day they were born. They are super sweet and kissy. No matter what the rat looks like, they will make great companions!

I picked 2 rats I liked and they are already reserved!?- I am sorry, we try our best to be accommodating, however someone else has already reserved these two. please choose another that you would like to bring home. Also, we send out emails in groups of 3 to our waiting list, so at the same time you are choosing there are 2 others picking as well. I try to update the website as often as possible during this time. 

How long do I have to decide?- The first email will be sent out (applicable date) during the day. The next will be send out (the following day) during the day, and so on. I will give 24 hours per email group. If you do not get the email, or decide by then... you do not lose your turn to choose... however there are other people picking as well, so the selection will get smaller. Please try to let me know as soon as you can!

How and when do we pay for the rats?- Once you have sent us an email with the rats names and descriptions that you would like, and we return your email saying you are confirmed for these babies you can place a deposit on the babies. If you choose you can pay for the whole thing if that is easier for you. Deposits are 50% of the rats final cost (25$ for deposit for 2 babies). We use for deposits. Our account is [email protected]. Please let me know if you need help, however if you go to paypals website, it is very simple. 

We would like to purchase other stuff from you. Food, Hammocks, Cages, Toys Etc- Great! Just let me know exactly what you would like and I can have it put aside for you. This can be picked up when you pick up the babies and paid for in cash! no need to worry about paypal... UNLESS you are ordering a cage. 

These are our Current Litters and other Availables!

(list of current available litters)


Pick ups for all babies will be... the week of (applicable dates).

Pick ups can also be arranged for (at an upcoming rat event).

If you have any questions please contact me! 

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