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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.

Small Animal Toys!

Below are toys that we have made. All toys are handmade so each one is different! You can request a similar item and I will do my best to replicate. 


Rattie Rolls! A little present your rattie can open himself! Filled with shredder paper, fruit, nuts, seeds, and other treats!


Braided sisal, fleece (colors of fleece may vary), cardboard bagels, and wood chews. $3.50 

 Steel hanger with willow ball, cardboard tubes, wood chews and natural raffia. $3.50

 Fruit and Shred Ring- Cardboard, wood chews, fleece and dried fruit $5.00

Dream Catcher- Raffia (can be made green, tan, red or with sisal rope), cardboard, willow "dream" with almonds, and leather. 12"x5" $6.00

 Fleece toy. Can hang as toy or bridge $5

Steel hanger, rawhide, flavored wood chews, cardboard bagels, mini wreaths, rawhide and wood chews. $5.00 

Steel hanger, flavored wood chews, cardboard bagels, wood chews and rope. $4.00 

Leather strips, wood chews, cardboard bagels. $3.50 

 Steel hanger, Flavored wood chews, dried fruit, paper shreds, wood chews, fleece and natural raffia. $5.00

 Steel hanger, Balsa Wood, Flavored wood chews, rope and bell. $ 3.50

 Medium Large Toy. Leather strips, braided leather, flavored wood chews, fleece strips, and walnut. $8.50

Leather Hanger- Leather, Fleece (colors vary), wood chews and various nuts. 15"x7" $5.00 

Fruit and Nut Hanger- Balsa wood chews, various nuts, various fruits. 5" L $3.50 

 Small sized toy. Steel wire with flavored wood chews, whole nuts and fleece strips. $3.50

 Medium sized toy. Stainless steel wire with balsa wood chews, cardboard bagles, leather strips and other wood chews $7.50

Medium/Large Toy. Steel hanger, Leather strips, wood chews, willow moon and bell. $7.50 

Medium/ Large toy. Leather strips, balsa wood chews, and cardboard bagels. $6.50 

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