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                                   Starter Kits

Everything but the cage: including a carrier, rat food (1lb bag), water bottle, a toy, a hammock, treats, food dish, nail clippers. $20.00 ($28 value!).


Starter kit with cage: including a carrier, rat food (1lb bag), water bottle, a toy, a hammock, treats, food dish, nail clippers and a cage!!!!*Pick-up Only* 


Starter kits are only $15 when purchased with a cage!! 


Contact us at [email protected] if you are planning on purchacing a "Starter kit with cage".

** All pans are custom ordered, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of pan to use and for cage to be built. ** 


1 Level "Studio"- 1 top door, same cage as starter kit cage. $45.00 (for 1, possibly 2 rats- cage is good for very young babies, older ratties who cant have levels, and pregnant/nursing mommas) +$7.50 painted with animal safe paint (any color).

Featured Products

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 Ember of Passion Rattery Rat Food - $4.00/lb

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