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Ember of Passion Rattery

Hand raised, well tempered rats! Specializing in healthy, loving animals.


Previous adopters and other breeders that we have worked with.

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We just recently adopted two males from EPR and couldn't be happier. They are much cutier and friendlier than we had even iamgined. Good communication and easy to work with, if you are even considering adopting a rat, stop here first and look no further. I havea funny feeling we'll be back...HIGLY RECOMMENDED.

Eric G

I got two boys earlier this week and felt a little worried about how to start socializing and playing with them. To my surprise they were more than happy to come to me and with a little bit of coaxing they were in my lap. Now they are always at the cage door when I walk past waiting to be played with. They are so cuddly and loving . Thanks so much ! The boys are amazing.


[email protected]

I just purchased 2 little females for my daughter from EPR. They are the sweetest, friendliest little girls ever. EPR was so wonderful through the whole process. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you EPR!!!


[email protected]

Hi Brittany!!! I got my hammocks today! Thank you so so so very much! The BLT boys absolutely love them! ♥

Amber M

I was traveling over the weekend and just received the hammocks, etc. They're wonderful!!! I think the clips you sent are great for all of them and may hit the dollar store to get more. Thank you!!!


We adopted two boys from EPR and came back a little while later for one more and we are so lucky and happy to have them. The last boy we got (formerly known as "jamaican me crazy") is forever giving kisses and is always being loved up by lovers and not so much rat lovers alike. EPR really does breed for the best personalities and it doesn't hurt that they are all so overwhelmingly cute!

Alyssa and Scott

[email protected]

My friend and I got a female rat from you--who we named "Reaper"--and she is such a doll. She gets along well with the other girls and has a lot of energy! We definitely plan to do business again in the future =)

Nicole Long

[email protected]

I got both my girls from EPR, and I cannot say enough good things about Britt and the rattery! My little girls (Ellie and Sylvia) were clearly well-loved and well-socialized before I was blessed enough to meet them. They are affectionate, smart, and hilarious! I would recommend EPR to anyone interested in adopting!


[email protected]

I went in planning to get two rats from EPR. Instead, i couldn't decide between all of them and got THREE!! I already love them and so does my family. Thank you EPR for everything!

Dan W.

My fiance and I got two darling little boys from EPR last month, and they are just the greatest! They couldn't be sweeter. The transaction was smooth, and Brittany and Roland were both a pleasure to deal with! Thanks again! Mandi and Matt

[email protected]

I purchased 2 female rats a few weeks ago from you guys and have to say they are the most loveable little girls ever . You guys do great work with them.. I am very pleased with my babies... and hope to email you some pics when they get bigger.. Thank you so much!!!!


We got our two terrific rats from Ember of Passion this past summer. They are so friendly and well-socialized! I would recommend EPR to anyone looking for pet rats


I adopted Chowder at Rodentfest last Saturday, and since then hes become my shoulder buddy. Whenever I'm sitting at my computer hes right there by my side, or running back and forth across my chair. I highly recommend EPR to anyone looking for a pet rat.


We adopted Basil Hayden and Belle as our first rat babies. Basil is now Phoebe and Belle is now Chloe. We are very happy so far with our new pets. Basil Hayden is very spunky and Chloe is a bit more relaxed and lovey. These babies are very spoiled with lots of love and affection! We love them!

Stacy and Mariah

Oh my gosh! The boys are perfect. I was holding them an scratching them and they cuddled up to me and licked me and fell asleep. Thanks so much. We love them!


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