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Types of Pasta Litter

DOB 4/11 /16

Love these perfect black hoods! 

Angel Hair- Black Bareback Female- Hold

Campanelle- Black Hooded Female (spotted stripe)- AVAILABLE

Gigli-  Black Hooded Female (1 spot) AVAILABLE

Anelli-Black Hooded Female- AVAILABLE

Cavatappi- Black Hooded Female - AVAILABLE

Farfalle- Black Hooded Female (thin stripe) AVAILABLE

Fideo-  Black Hooded Male (2 spot)- AVAILABLE

Gemelle- Black MM Bareback Female- Hold

Orecchiette- Black Hooded Male (middle stripe)- AVAILABLE

Penne- Black Hooded Female- AVAILABLE

Orzo-  Black Hooded Male (1 spot)- AVAILABLE

Rotini- Black Hooded Male (thick stripe)- AVAILABLE